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    After the Press – On the Bus and On the Road

    Behind the scenes in our After the Press media bus, about to hit the road for our journey to the Gulf of Mexico where we will cover the oil spill.

    After the Press Bus Conversion – Battery Maintenance

    We experience some problems with the battery array in the bus.

    After the Press Bus Conversion – Coming Along

    Today brian is working on the bunks. I was on the phone to Aqua Hot the people who made the boiler because i have to move one of their heat exchangers to make way for a desk-chair. Brian should be finished with the bunks soon and then he’ll move on to the shower. Right now it still looks good for the soft opening July 1. In the mean time and with the help of the hudson valley film commission I am getting some responses for the camera op position. Iit’s hard not to be following the press in the south since their reporting has been so lacking and I’m sure I would see and hear more in one day than I understand from all the reporting up til now. The reporting has focused on the short term economic implications of this toxic contamination as if the main problem was short term employment opportunities for fishermen and tourist bookings this summer. In fact the crude is being dispersed so that it will contaminate our food air and water for the rest of our lives and change our risk for disease and defects in a way that can’t be completely predicted other than to say it will certainly be negative. The people near the news crews probably understand that intuitively even though the news crews do not. What can be predicted may be best understood by talking to people who spend their life understanding the effect of pollution on humans. they would not be hard to find but i haven’t seen one report like that on CNN or MSNBC yet. I would also like to interview some of the die-hard oil boosters who live in the south. It might be a surprising find in the television atmosphere of careful-speak. They may not be looking for a chance to talk to the news but they are a big part of the reason that our country and its infrastructure are so inseparable from the multinational and national oil companies.

    After the Press Bus Conversion – Grinding

    Here we are working on the generator compartment of the first build of our media bus.

    After the Press Bus Conversion – Under Construction

    We give you a sneak peek behind the scenes to check out our bus conversion in process. This under-construction vehicle would go on to become our the first version of our media bus.