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    Incurably Uncertain – Diebold Vote Tampering in Memphis, Tennessee

    MEMPHIS, TN -- A standoff over allegations of electronic voting fraud in a Memphis, Tennessee election has voters concerned and lawyers up in arms — but where is the media? Oh, they’re here. We know because the bus just passed them. They’re in Memphis to visit a construction site for a new mosque.

    Meanwhile in Shelby County, candidate for Sheriff Randy Wade is claiming his election night victory was stolen from him due to vote tampering. Election fraud expert Bev Harris claimed, “This is the most brutal voter disenfranchisement and election tampering case we have witnessed yet.” Allegations of fraud have spread to at least ten candidates in Memphis as election auditors are refused any and all access to the Diebold voting machine results.

    The problems with the Diebold/ESS invisible-voting machines are too numerous to mention and the problems with the election in Memphis are better described by Bev Harris’s website, Black Box Voting.

    The right to vote is not being taken away by technical trickery alone. The incompetence of our own Justice Department has led to felons and the deceased being counted in the vote.

    There is no other way to put it — the American voting system has fallen apart. It’s not happening, it has already happened. What we witnessed in Memphis was emblematic of a bigger-picture problem. In July alone, allegations and convictions of vote fraud arose throughout the country in dozens of different locations. It has become disturbingly commonplace, and dangerously under-reported.

    The only other investigation we’ve seen into the Memphis vote fraud story was this on-scene TV news spot by local ABC affiliate News Channel 3. The sense of frustration and outrage is palpable. We also direct you to The Brad Blog, which also gave the story some much-needed in-depth coverage.