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    After the Press follows up on the mass media news narrative. Major news outlets produce few real facts and mostly banal banter and speculation, largely at the behest of major advertisers and other organizations with a key interest in shaping public opinion. Besides compromising the authenticity of coverage, this highly produced and polished approach ignores the depth and complexity of issues that are of national and global interest.

    We follow the press to stories of national interest across America. stories that are underreported or mis-reported get a second look and everyone gets a chance to pull back the curtain and see how the national press does its job. nobody knows better if the press is reporting accurately than the people at the scene of the news event so we ask them. Reports are edited and uploaded as we eat live and sleep in our 13 year old converted bus, The Press Chaser.

    Our organization is dedicated to showing you the side of the story that mainstream media does not air. We travel to the heart of current events as lead reporter Paul Joffe delivers video coverage of a depth and variety seldom seen by the public at large. Join us in documenting untold and uncensored American history as it happens.

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