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    Two days after the midterm elections, before the final counts were made and even before CNN had declared their winners (an event that comes long before the voters’ choice is actually determined), election coverage was eclipsed by “FALLEN STAR” Charlie Sheen, whose rumored tantrum and general reputation was deemed by CNN to be more important than any in-depth epic piece about the voting system that nobody trusts, or the election results that CNN really never waits for. In the piece, the ethical questions are directed outward from the glass house that is the CNN newsroom. CNN loves crowning winners, which, again, is why they announce the winners of our national elections before the vote is counted and then move on, ignoring the actual count, as well as any contests they couldn’t get good odds on. That also may be why the have a best-person-in-the-world contest: CNN HEROS.  Maybe this is some kind of winner-or-loser contest with them: talking to Sheen and Tom Sizemore.
    Or maybe their anchor just loves bad boys.

    Bishop Long? Really?

    What can you say about a man who admits he’s not perfect after being accused of molesting children.

    On the Bus: Generator Problems

    Near Pensacola, FL, generator problems are changing our plans and we’re heading home taking a western route for better temps and less traffic. i’ll try and find a new thermostat and change out on the road but it’s Saturday today.

    Nana Saver FAIL

    While shopping for the bus we luxuriated in the fine air conditioning system of Albertsons grocery store discovered the Nana Saver. an invention only a mother could love.

    Muffaletta – Louisana Supermarket Discovery

    LAFAYETTE, LA -- Only in Louisiana can you find a culinary treat like this!

    CNN’s Mary Matalin Discusses Stimulating Obama’s Flaccid Base

    Mary Matalin on Campbell Brown. Thanks for the Bush memories Mary. Oh, and thanks for the environmental legacy of your administration.